WP Fastest Cache – is an efficient caching plugin.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache – is an efficient caching plugin. What do you need to work effectively on the Internet? First of all, a tool in the form of a convenient and fast computer. Someone loves desktop computers, someone prefers tablets. Second, you need the Internet itself, and networks need quality, fast websites. You can speed up your site with caching technologies.

If you’ve been thinking about the speed of your WordPress site, you’re familiar with plugins like WP Super Cache, Hyper Cache, W3 Total Cache. I need a simple yet effective caching plugin without complicated professional settings. The WP Fastest Cache plugin is one of those.

Installing WP Fastest Cache Plugin

Installing the WP Fastest Cache plugin is standard, configuring the WP Fastest Cache plugin is straightforward. The plugin is available for installation from the site panel (Plugins tab → Add → Search by name).

WP Fastest Cache
WP Fastest Cache
Testing WP Fastest Cache Plugin

You can check the website loading time using 10-15 check services. I’ve done this before, completely confused by the end of the checks. Now I go the easy way: I use the PageSpeed Tools Insights service. The service is simple and straightforward to evaluate.

Google’s website load speed estimation tool is called PageSpeed Tools Insights. You can easily find this tool on the Internet by doing a search. In my version of the check, we are not interested in the advice of the service, we need to evaluate the website loading speed before installing the WP Fastest Cache plugin and after it starts working.

After installing the plugin and after some time, I see excellent results in terms of website loading speed. Other sites give more modest results, but the fact is: the Fastest Cache plugin improves site loading speed.


WP Fastest Cache Plugin is a great WordPress caching plugin. In the free version, the WP Fastest Cache plugin does not work with site images, and it is the images that slow down the site the most, especially in the mobile version. Therefore, in the free version, WP Fastest Cache must be used bundled with photo compression plugins (e.g. WP Smush, Optimus, Winsite Image Optimizer, EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin). In conclusion, in addition to images, plugins on a WordPress site have a lot of server load. Therefore, if you want high speed, you need to minimize the number of plugins.

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