Backup. How to restore a WordPress site.

Backup. How to restore a WordPress site.

On the toolbar, find “BACKUP & RESTORE” and click “RESTORE”. And select the latest backup. And click the “RESTORE NOW” button. The site recovered in 3-4 minutes. But of course it still depends on the size of the site.


All hosting services differ in the location of the site restore button (tab) in the control panel, but the principle of restoring from a site backup is the same on all control panels.

Backup and restore with plugin “WordPress Backup & Restore – Backup Plugin”.

With the plugin, you are protected from hackers, malware, host crashes and even your own mistakes. The plugin creates a copy of every setting, post, comment, version, plugin, theme, media file and downloads with one click. The plugin creates a compressed backup of your entire site regardless of the size of your site. Your backup can be uploaded quickly and easily right from your WordPress dashboard.


The backup plugin has been available to the WordPress community since 2012 and is used to back up over 30,000 websites every day. It is one of the most widely tested, reliable and highly rated backup plugins available! Just install the plugin and in a few minutes you will have a complete backup of your entire site.

  • No need to understand complex configurations
  • No deep knowledge of WordPress required
  • FTP is not required
  • No cPanel required
  • Knowledge of MySQL is optional
  • Without PHPMyAdmin

With just a few clicks, you have a complete backup that protects all of your valuable content.

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