Contact Form 7 – Feedback Plugin.

Contact Form 7 – can manage numerous contact forms in which you can flexibly customize the content of the forms and mails with fairly simple markup. Forms have built-in support for Ajax submissions, CAPTCHAs, Akismet spam filter, and more.

Contact Form 7 is an essential feature of most sites. This is why there are so many contact form plugins in the WordPress directory. One of the most popular plugins is called Contact Form 7. The plugin allows you to create any type of form; very flexible and easy to configure; has been developing for many years and contains many developments.

Log into your WordPress dashboard and click Plugins → Add New from the left panel menu. Find Contact Form 7 in the search and click Install. After installation, click Activate to activate the plugin.

contact form
contact form

The easiest way to create a contact form is to use a WordPress plugin – there are many different plugins and you can choose any. However, the best plugin is Contact Form 7.

A contact form is extremely useful for your site – it hides your email address and makes it easy for users to contact you directly through the site.

If you’ve created a Contact Us page on your WordPress site, you can easily add a contact form, customize it, and start receiving messages.

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