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WordPress plugins

What are WordPress plugins and how to install them The WordPress plugin is designed to extend the functionality of a website. On the technical side, a plugin, like a WordPress theme, consists of a set of files. php containing the code for adding new features. Using WordPress plugins, you can accomplish almost any task. Add …

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WordPress Theme (Template)

This is a guide to WordPress themes (templates). Basic information is taken from the official manual and from personal experience. A WordPress theme is a set of css, js, php files that, together with WordPress and plugins, display information from the database on the screen in a beautiful and convenient form (design). Thus, if you …

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How to restore a WordPress site.

On the toolbar, find “BACKUP & RESTORE” and click “RESTORE”. And select the latest backup. And click the “RESTORE NOW” button. The site recovered in 3-4 minutes. But of course it still depends on the size of the site. Output All hosting services differ in the location of the site restore button (tab) in the …

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Breeze – is a handy WordPress caching plugin.

Breeze – is a free, simple (yet powerful) and user-friendly WordPress caching plugin. It offers various options for optimizing WordPress performance at different levels. It works equally well with WordPress, WordPress with WooCommerce, and WordPress Multisite. The download of this plugin is very small because the plugin is not known yet, but the plugin is …

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